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FilthyPOV – Lexi Luna Step-Mom Says You Need To Work for Your Allowance


Ene 23, 2021

Starring:Lexi Luna

My Step-Mom Lexi can be a real bitch sometimes, I was busting my ass outside all day mowing the lawn in this heat. I came inside to get my allowance from her, Lexi starts to yell at me and tell me I don’t deserve it. I beg my Step-Mom to give me the money my Step-Dad left for me, Lexi tells me if I want my allowance I am gonna have to work for it….. she wants me to have sex with her… I am totally blown away but I have to admit my Step-Mom is really hot, Lexi is blown away when she sees how big my cock is. I can’t believe I fucked my Step-Mom, I can’t wait to tell all my friends about it!

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Time: 00:27:43

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