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ExploitedCollegeGirls – Audrey



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Unlike so many of our fresh-faced newbie’s, Audrey Hempburne didn’t need any priming for today’s shoot. Strait for the word go Ms. Hempburne, who loves the Hemp smoke BTW, is a self-proclaimed slutty whore who loves girls, large cocks, 3somes, and can’t get enough rough sex. She is so outgoing and comfortable with herself and her sexuality that all of her high school friends told her she would be doing porn, and they were right! I’m sure she was voted in the school year book “Most likely to suck dick on camera”; and after filling out the school’s guidance counselors’ questionnaire of what profession your best suited for, it computed… “Porn Star”. You’re well on your way girl. So is Audrey a size whore you ask? Of course she is, as she reached strait for the gigantic clear glass Christmas tree dong she picked out early at the sex shop. She doesn’t know it yet but she’s in for a treat cuz Jake is almost the size of that glass magic wand. But she doesn’t find out how big Jake is until after we bring out the Hitachi first and show her how to really have multiple orgasms. I’m telling you people once this girl starts cumin she doesn’t stop having the most O’s in one scene I have ever seen. “Hmm, orgasmic she is this one”, would say Yoda. And a good cocksucker; cock garage for Jake’s third leg you ask? You betcha! She loves to be dominated so much and told what to do we don’t leave any holes unfilled as Jake takes a second turn throat fucking or resident whore’s mouth as a Hitachi stimulates that clit and torpedo vibrator fills her holes. And once the fucking starts the O’s don’t! Jake twirls our little pot smoker around on his pole in all the right positions bringing her to O after O after O. “I’ll have what she’s having”, says every fucking girl watching this video. Yes she loves rough sex, being used like a little fuck doll and dominated into submission, what girl doesn’t right? Well, Jake filled all those wishes and received the stamp of approval and compliment, “You’re the best sex I have ever had, seriously” after he got doing things to this little filly that you wouldn’t do to a farm animal. I bet when Jake was done she thought, ” just needed to be held”. Well you got the bonus package dear! This scene is hot as fuck and I enjoyed producing it. So just go watch it and beat your meat or plug those holes ladies.


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Videos: ExploitedCollegeGirls – Audrey - ExploitedCollegeGirls – Audrey